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May 6, 2011


The Small Business Administration



Information Architecture

The Small Business Administration’s site was made up of over 20K unique pieces of content. Many items were irrelevant or outdated. additionally, the site was static, often click paths were not uniform and content wasn’t indexed or keyworded to display properly in search.  We indexed, sorted and did a keep/kill on existing content and then used search and traffic data to determine the most used content areas.  We used commonly used content pieces from across the entire site to conduct several card sorting exercises to come up with a user focused content navigation schema.  


After meeting with different stakeholders across the organization I did several rounds of wireframes, in increasing levels of fidelity, to reenforce organizational initiatives as well as the new user-tested IA .  


After we completed the IA and design portions of the users were able to find content with faster and with more accuracy than the existing site by a statistical margin.  


For the visual design portion of the site my objective was to allow the organization the stand on it’s own while still fitting in to the larger family of newly redesigned .gov websites.