Healthcare Education Prototype


Design, Research, UX, Web


April 7, 2013


The objective of this project was to create a tool to educate users in large organizations, with multiple health plans to choose from, as to which plan fit their situational needs most appropriately. 


We observed that many aspects of health plans that were very important don’t make sense to the average user. We focused these concepts to help less familiar users visualize what these components meant.

Additionally we observed an overall feeling of hesitation when presented with concepts that fell closely inline with typical branding principles so we focused on making the interactive more friendly by using color, texture and tone to create a less corporate feel throughout.  


Over the course of 3 rounds of user testing we showed significant improvement with each iteration. Users were able to explain what they had observed and why they would choose one plan over another when questioned as opposed to when they started and were only presented with benefits grids.

Play with the Prototype

If you would like to see a flash version of the prototype you can check it out here!